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Telogen effluvium is a scalp disorder characterized by the thinning or shedding of hair resulting from the early entry of hair in the telogen phase (the resting phase of the hair follicle).Telogen effluvium is a form of temporary hair loss that usually happens after stress, a shock, or a traumatic event. It usually occurs on the top of the scalp. Telogen effluvium is different.In the original description of Kligman , telogen effluvium is an acute diffuse hair loss brought about by a variety of triggers. Clinical experience, however, proves that chronic telogen effluvium also exists.Telogen effluvium is sudden and abundant hair loss and is often an unsettling experience. Yet, it is generally temporary and the hair spontaneously recovers its normal density after a few month. Yet, it is generally temporary and the hair spontaneously recovers its normal density after a few month.In a person with telogen effluvium, some body change or shock pushes more hairs into the telogen phase. Typically in this condition, about 30% of the hairs stop growing and go into the resting phase before falling out. So if you have telogen effluvium, you may lose an average of 300 hairs a day instead.Chronic telogen effluvium (CTE) is a diffuse hair loss of scalp that persist for more than six months It is characterized by abrupt, excessive, alarming, diffuse shedding of hair that runs a fluctuating course over several years.

Effluvium anagen is a temporary condition, implying that the hair will grow back within a 6 to 12 month period after the treatments.Clinical and histological challenge in the differential diagnosis of diffuse alopecia: female androgenetic alopecia, telogen effluvium and alopecia areata - Part II * Desafio clínico e histológico no diagnóstico diferencial de alopecia difusa: alopecia androgenética, eflúvio telógeno e alopecia areata - Parte II Betina Werner1 Fabiane Mulinari-Brenner2 Abstract: Diffuse alopecia.Telogen effluvium usually resolves completely without any intervention as the normal length of telogen is approximately 100 days (3 to 6 months) after which period the hair starts growing again (anagen phase).TELOGEN EFFLUVIUM IS SIMPLY A SUDDEN, TEMPORARY HAIR LOSS CAUSED BY PHYSICAL OR EMOTIONAL TRAUMA. Sometimes your body and mind cannot adjust quickly enough to what is happening in your life and normal systems, such as eating, sleeping and even the hair growth cycle, can get interrupted.Some people may have a mixture of anagen effluvium and telogen effluvium and have more limited hair loss. Some cancer treatment centers try to block the hair loss using a cold therapy.Telogen Effluvium treatments It is important to remember that we can do nothing to prevent the physical shock that can lead to Telogen Effluvium hair loss, however if something controllable such as a poor diet is the contributing factor you should make the necessary adjustments.