Clinica a căderii a părului Novosibirsk

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Novosibirsk Tuberculosis Research Institute (NTRI) is a Federal State Budgetary Institution of Clinic: NTRI as a tertiary level health care facility carries out all types of diagnostics and treatment of tuberculosis, including the provision.By 1907, Novosibirsk had established itself as a city gaining all the rights of self-governance and had grown to a population near 50,000. The city was renamed .Opening of the Gorodissky branch office in Novosibirsk took place in October 2017. Gorodissky and Partners successfully executes its strategy for promotion.The Novosibirsk Zoo is a scientific institution as well as a popular tourist attraction. The zoo has around 11,000 animals representing 738 species.Mar 28, 2019 Joseph Stalin visited Novosibirsk only once in 1928. The monument to him was dismantled, along with those in other Soviet cities, in th early .

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